World Wide Wagyu

World Wide Wagyu is the thriving export division of Lake Wagyu.  Our product has become so successful that we now not only supply the Australian domestic market, we have exported to the European market as well – (our embryos were the first Wagyus to arrive in Ireland), Canada, USA South Africa, Indonesia, the Philippines and several South American countries.

We are proud of the magnificent animals and embryos we breed – and we have for sale the best genetics available  in 2010, featuring genetics from :

Michifuku, Fukukane, Itohana, Overflow Kaneyama, Itozuradoi, Terutani 40/1,
Westholme 001, Westholme 003, Itoshigenami, Blackmore Yadnarie , Itoshigefuji
our own Goshu Itomi, the fabulous C87 and C86 and many, many more!

We have appointed agents to assist with importation of Lake Wagyu genetics into South Africa, North America and South America.  Shipping costs can be reduced substantially by organizing shared shipments through our agencies.   They can also have a range of our genetics on hand in your neighbourhood to overcome the need for lengthy quarantine waits.  But if you have specific requirements, they can help you plan a program that we can produce here to your specifications.


Our Agents

South Africa

Dr Robert Treadwell, Embryoplus, Johannesburg, South Africa

North America

Deb and Daryl de Grofft, Colorado Genetics, Colorado USA

South America

Daniel Pagliano & Carlos Rusinol, Uruwagyu, Uruguay, South America