Why Wagyu


So what is it that makes Wagyu meat so different?

  • Wagyu steak is fatty or “marbled.” It is the marbling that gives the steak its tender, juicy flavour. Although highly marbled, the fat in a Wagyu steak is actually lower in saturated fat (the bad fat) and higher in unsaturated fat (the good fat). In a nutshell, Wagyu have high marbling, softer fats, higher ratio of unsaturated fats and above all, flavour.
  • Wagyu meat texture is fine.
  • Wagyu carcases have high yield.
  • Wagyu are renowned for their outstanding ease of calving, especially when across other breeds.
  • Wagyu are very fertile and at a young age.
  • Wagyu adapt to a wide range of environments, from cool climates to semi-tropical.
  • Wagyu are generally quiet and very responsive to quiet handling.

Wagyu has a huge advantage over other breeds because it is so well marbled. Demand throughout the world is growing exponentially – Wagyu is both “trendy” and unmistakably yields superior quality, tender meat. Thus both full blood and Wagyu-infused beef are vastly superior to other brands.