More New Blood For The EU Market!

(And USA, South Africa, China, Russia, South America etc etc etc…)

We are very pleased to announce that we now have two bulls placed at Total Livestock Genetics in Victoria for semen collection: Lake Wagyu C87 and Moyhu 054. Their semen is available NOW and accredited for the European Union and most other countries (including USA, China and Uruguay).

Chokyori 1713 (AI) (ET)

See WI Genetic evaluation of Chokyori 1713 Details
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Moyhu F054

MOYFF0054 DNA 204041
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Sired by Yukiharunami 4 out of a daughter of TWA Shikikan, this bull offers very different genetics from our other bulls. Fineness in the marbling is a very desirable trait and Shikikan has demonstrated his ability to produce fine marbling in his progeny. A well-structured bull with a good temperament, Moyhu 054 is a growth bull. He will produce heifers with excellent maternal features. Of course, he has been tested free for the panel of recessive genes.
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KJDFC0087 DNA 108905
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Lake Wagyu C87 is sired by the famous Michifuku, the long time number one bull for marbling and a bull who is renowned for his consistency. On his dam’s side he is from a daughter of Itozurodoi TF151 from Takeda Farms. TF151 produces large, well balanced calves with good marbling. C87 will be the ideal bull to use over other breeds for a significant lift in marble score and for full blood Wagyu production where a lift in marbling is needed.
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These two bulls will be a very valuable addition to the genetics available for export to the EU.


Goshu Itomi

In 2006 we purchased Goshu Itomi, an exceptional full blood Wagyu bull. He was bred by Barbara Benjamin at Goshu Wagyu and had outstanding credentials. On top of everything else, he had an excellent temperament – as do his progeny.

Born: 3-3-2002
Registered Nmber: GOSFX 0132
Sire: TF148 – Itoshigenami
Grandsire: Kitateruyasudoi (Westholme 003)
Great Grandsire: Terutani J 2494 TF40
Both Itoshigenami and Westholme 003 are recognised as top marbling bulls. They reliably produce carcases that grade out very well indeed.

Genestar Results

Goshu Itomi’s Genestar results were dazzling:
Marbling: M1 = 2 M2 = 2 M3 = 1
Tenderness: T1 = 2 T2 = 2 T3 = 3 T4 = 2
Thus his total Genestar rating at the time of assessment was 13 out of a possible 14!!

Carcase Results

A total of 24 steers by Goshu Itomi, bred from ungraded Angus females were feedlot fed.
The results:

Marble Score Number of Animals
8 1
7 4
6 4
5 7
4 5
3 3
Average Marble score: 5.1

Sadly, Goshu Itomi is no longer with us, which makes his remaining stockpile of semen all the more precious.