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Do you have suitable recipients but are appalled at the costs (and the risks) involved in ET? Do you have good heifers to flush but don’t know where to start? Which are the best bulls to use? Where do you get ‘em? What sort of results can you expect?

Or have you been in the Wagyu game forever, and are exhausted by the market demands and always-changing fashions in genetics associated with this fabulous breed? Wagyus can improve your bottom line to an extraordinary measure, but it’s just so expensive to keep up and make those elusive, well-deserved profits!

We’ve been there, done that, over and over and we know how hard it can be. So why not talk to us – we love talking about cows, and Wagyu in particular.

Whatever you need, we can meet your requirements, either with the latest and best in embryos, the best lines of bulls or heifers, pregnant recipients, semen or just friendly and helpful advice about who to see and where to go in Wagyu.

Our programs have developed over time and we are always keen to join with new partners who can teach us more – let us know your needs and we can design a program to benefit both of us with minimum risk to each. We especially like to produce embryos to your specifications. We have the technology to make great profits!

In any case, we are happy to talk about cattle – especially Wagyu cattle – any time!

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