Archive 2014



Embryo Flush

This flush was accredited to produce embryos for export to the EU and to South Africa.
43 embryos were produced and are now available for sale.

There are 37 Grade 1 embryos @ $600AUD each
and 6 Grade 2 embryos @ $ AUD each.

Sires are Lake Wagyu C87 and Moyhu F054.

The next flush will be in September.



Export Qualified Fullblood Black Wagyu Genetics

Lake Wagyu has semen available qualified for export to the EU and to RUSSIA as well as most other countries. Semen is available from our two active bulls Lake Wagyu C0087 and Moyhu F0054. We also have semen available from Lake Wagyu C0086 and Kuro Kin Teruakitsuki (KKWFA0871) that is qualified for some countries.

We have embryos available qualified for the EU and most countries and we are preparing embryos for export to RUSSIA.

Contact Ken Dungey, Lake Wagyu
Phone: +61 3 9870 8893



Lake Wagyu Semen is now available in the United Kingdom.

Stocks of semen from our two bulls Lake Wagyu C87 and Moyhu F054 are now held at Bovine Genetics, Folly Fields Farm, Warwickshire.

Enquiries should be directed to Stella Scholes at Bovine Genetics.

South Africa
Stocks of Lake Wagyu Semen and Enbryos are held at Embryo Plus, South Africa