Export Embryos

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Eligible South Africa
Eligible Columbia and Uruguay
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Eligible China
Eligible Russia

We can flush embryos to your specifications from Tajima, Shimane and Kedaka bloodlines. We still have limited stocks available of embryos from our busy donors, carefully bred with genetics from all three bloodlines to give balanced animals.

We can provide embryos from such sires as Michifuku, Westholme A107, Westholme 001, Westholme 003, Blackmore Aizatzurudoi Y398, Takeda Farms Fukutsuru 004 (son of the famous Fukutsuru 068), or our own Lake Wagyu C86, C87 or Moyhu 054 and many, many more. For example, Lake Wagyu D111, a son of Shikikan and is a very high Tajima content bull. He will produce great marbling gains in his progeny.

Embryos with these genetics will produce outstanding foundation females in a full blood black Wagyu herd and the bulls will be well balanced, large framed animals able to pass on excellent marbling to their offspring.

One of our own sires is Lake Wagyu C87. He is a son of Michifuku out of a daughter of Itozurudoi. He has excellent growth and the capacity to pass on high levels of marbling to his offspring. We have used this cross extensively and the resultant calves are excellent, well balanced animals. Or our new export-ready bull, Moyhu 054 has totally different genetics and can be used for second generation matings (See our section under Sires).

Domestic Embryos for use in Australia

We have some domestic embryos for sale. As above, the selected sires and dams represent the very best of Australian Wagyu Genetics.


Embryos can be made eligible for export to other countries if required. Also, there are batches of Lake Wagyu embryos already at Colorado Genetics, USA and at Bovine Elite South Africa ready for immediate sale.

Contact us for details or direct your enquiries to Colorado genetics Inc or Bovine Elite.

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TF147 Itoshigefuji
Overflow Kanyama

These are just some of the genetics available through our donor herd. Crossed with the sires listed above, we can provide a wide range of bloodlines.
*Read about Embryo Transfer at “The Secret Of Our Success” page.