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The Australian Wagyu Association has now been officially recognised by the EU authorities together with the Australian Herdbook and we can resume the export of wagyu semen and embryos to German farmers.

This will make it much easier to register embryos and AI calves bred from Australian genetics.



Lake Wagyu to Produce Sexed Semen at Total Livestock Genetics
Now you can AI for Bulls or Heifers!

Lake Wagyu will be producing sexed semen from its bulls based at Total Livestock Genetics, Camperdown – to be available for domestic or export use.

Sexed semen undergoes a process that really does separate the bulls from the heifers. Whichever straw you choose, you can expect that 90% of each drop will be of the gender you have selected!

Although the sexed semen is more expensive than unsexed semen, it is much cheaper than solving the problem of what to do with unwanted bulls or less profitable heifers!

The semen will be available for $100 per straw and will be export-ready for most countries in the world, including China, the EU and USA. Contact Us

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Sexed semen is now available

This is the best news we have had for a long time. The semen will be produced to your order.


Please have a look at our new bull Moyhu F054. He was sired by Yukiharunumi 4 out of a daugher of TWA Shikikan.

This is our new bull Moyhu F054.
This is our new bull Moyhu F054.


Our bull Lake Wagyu C87 is now grown up.  Some photos of the bull have arrived.
Have a look at the Gallery.