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December News

2012 has been a very busy year for us here at  Lake Wagyu. Eldest  Grandson, William partnered a debutante – and a very handsome lad he was too.

Judy and I had a wonderful trip to Alaska, including two cruises through the Inner  Passage, a flight to the remote settlement of Fort Yukon on the famous Yukon  River, above the Arctic Circle. The bush  pilot was at least sixteen, I suppose, but SHE looked all of fourteen! Boy, could she fly that plane though! She seemed to get the wingtip within ten metres of  a mountain top as we looked for mountain sheep. I reckoned she was about half a mile too close to the rocks. We watched (from the safety of a bus) as a bear strutted her stuff, checked out the assembled cars, caught salmon in the river, squatted on her ample haunches while she stripped a berry bush and generally enthralled her audience.  Miss Bear sure knew how to put on a show. The shore line of the river was strewn with dead salmon. We hadn’t realized that the dead fish provide the food for the next generation of salmon as they hatch. In the thaw, that riverbank must have had a very distinctive smell.

Other highlights were sea otters, whales, Beluga whales, seals, moose, reindeer, salmon by the thousands, the biggest crabs we had ever seen in our lives, a porcupine, GLACIERS – and what enormous glaciers they were, range upon range of snow-capped mountains, ice floes, amazing food, a huge gold dredge at Eldorado, the Alaskan pipeline (suspended on special supports to keep the permafrost frozen. We weren’t able to figure out the physics of those supports, but somehow liquid nitrogen was involved), totem poles, bald eagles, geese, squirrels, more seals and two amazing ships. Literally the trip of a lifetime. We could have done without the flights there and back though. Put a new dimension to the concept of exhaustion.

It has been a very busy year for  Lake Wagyu.

We have sent shipments of semen and embryos to England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Austria , Holland,  South Africa and semen to China. Early in the new year we will be sending shipments to  Spain,  France and the Philippines.

We are very excited as a major export project is about to be announced.  Still Hush  Hush and it has taken six years to reach its fruition. Expect the big announcement soon.

We welcomed our new bull  Moyhu F054 to our family. He resides at Total Livestock Genetics where his semen will be collected in January when he has finished his quarantine.  He is a handsome lad and we have great expectations for him. He joins our other bull, Lake Wagyu C87, who is giving of his best producing 350 straws of semen each time he is “Milked”.


October News

South Africa

We have a supply of embryos available at Embryos Plus.

Semen is from Lake Wagyu C86, Lake Wagyu C87 and Kuro Kin Teruakitsuki. Embryos are sired by TF004 Fukutsuru and Lake Wagyu D111.

This is the first consignment of Lake Wagyu D111 embryos to be sent to South Africa. D111 was sired by Shikikan, a high Tajima content bull able to produce fine marbling in his progeny. His generics are rare and difficult to source.

NEW SHIPMENTS are being prepared for FranceUKSpain and Turkey. There will be room in the tanks for others who wish to place an order and share shipping costs.


March News

We are about to send semen and embryo shipments to EnglandHolland and South Africa. The South African shipment includes embryos sired by a new bull Lake Wagyu D111. He is a son of SHIKIKAN out of a daughter of FUKUKANE. He is a high Tajima content bull with the strong potential to lift marble scores significantly.

The other batch is sired by TF004 Fukutsuru.

South African embryos are available through Embryo Plus.
Tel (+27) 12 250 2359
PO Box 2644
Brits 0250
North West
South Africa

New batches of export embryos are now available sired by TF004 Fukutsuru and Bimbi Itoshigefuji 1/2. Both batches are accredited for the EU.