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November News

South Africa

Embryos sired by Lake Wagyu D111 are being prepared for shipment to South Africa. D111 was sired by Shikikan, a high marbling Tajima line bull. Shikikan is new to South Africa. Embryos from TF004 Fukutsuru are also being included.

Semen from Kura Kin Teruakitsuki Reg Number KKWFA0871 is also being sent in this shipment. He will bring a new blood line to South Africa. He was sired by Westholme Teruakitsuki (son of Westholme 003) and his dam is a daughter of Michifuku. Expect very good marbling in the progeny of this high Tajima bull.

Semen from Lake Wagyu C86 and Lake Wagyu C87 is also available in South Africa. They are both sired by Michifuku and are out of daughters of Itozurudoi.

All of these genetics are available from Embryo Plus.


England – A shipment of embryos and semen is being prepared. There is plenty of room in the tank if anyone in Great Britain wants to place an order and share shipping costs.

France – A similar shipment is being sent to France and there is space in this tank too.

Email or use our link.

New EU accredited Semen is available as of today . The bull is Bimbi Itoshigefuji 2/1 Reg Number BIMFE0003. He is sired by Itoshigefuji TF147 and his dam is a daughter of Fukukane 402E. He is free of the recessive genes B3, CHS, CL 16, and F13. His progeny will have size, frame, meat quality marbling and the heifers will have adequate milk. Heifers will make great foundation dams in a full blood wagyu herd.


October News

40 Embryos sired by Lake Wagyu D111 are now ready to be sent to South Africa where they will be available through Embryoplus.  Shikikan is a very high tajima content bull with the capacity to greatly improve marble scores. His progeny have performed very well in recent carcase results. He has the capacity to produce fine marbling. Embryos sired by TF Fukutsuru 004 are also available.

108 embryos are now ready to go to the EU.


July 2011 Newborn Calves Photos

Here are some photos of our newborn calves.


July News

We hope you love our new website as much as we do!  Our new webmaster, Hiroko Liston, has done a marvellous job in a very short time and we are thrilled to bits with the result.  We highly recommend her for her professionalism, patience and understanding.  And, obviously, creativity and style!

Our previous webmaster, Piero Testarotta, has had to withdraw for family reasons, but we would like to pass on our heartfelt thanks for the amazing work he has done for Lake Wagyu over the past four or five years.  It must be a webmaster thing, but he too has shown astonishing patience and forebearance with us and we appreciate the long hours of work he has put in over that time.  Thanks Piero – a true master.

At Lake Wagyu, things have been as busy as ever.  We are currently organising (or have just organised) shipments to go to South Africa, Spain, Italy , Austria and Germany (and what a business it is chomping through all the red tape to get to the Eu – it’s one complication after another) but FINALLY our embryos are jetting off to the other side of the world.

Next project is preparing a shipment to go to our South American agents, Daniel and Carlos, to establish a foundation Wagyu herd in Uruguay!  We will also set up a store of our Australian Wagyu embryos for onsale within South America – just call Daniel and Carlos if you are a South American looking for Australian Black Wagyu embryos.  If they don’t have the genetics you need in store, we can arrange to do a special flush to your specifications in Australia and ship them to you.

Daniel Pagliano & Carlos Rusinol,
Uruguay, South America

We are still looking at China as a market in need of good genetics to improve their local herd.  One of our contacts reported recently that they are having problems with their dairy cattle because the expensive hay they had transported from the North of China had been laced with a colouring agent to improve its appearance.  Trouble was,  that colouring agent turned out to be toxic and they lost quite a few cows – and now the calves have some unknown problem as well.  Just shows that the rules and regulations we take for granted and find so frustrating are actually serving a real purpose.  Without them, chaos reigns.  I guess that was a lesson well learned by the Eu and THAT’S why it takes so long to get our embryos quarantined and through all the hoops set up by Customs!

Alibris ID: 9540134784 This website is supposed to be about Wagyu cattle, but I couldn’t help but include a little news item from this week’s Weekly Times.  Keith Rous, the “Aussie Earl”, 6th Earl of Stradbroke, was once our landlord when we leased part of his enormous property in the Western District for our newly-established Wagyu herd, way back in 1998.  Keith and his wife, Countess Rosie Stradbroke, were wonderful to us and we spent a memorable five years just down the road from the house in this picture.  In fact, I later wrote a book about the Stradbroke houses, including Myrngrong and Woorooglin, (two abandoned mansions on the Mount Fyans property, as well as the now-defunct family seat back in England, Henham Hall).  Instead of being a book about three houses and three families, it ended up being the whole history of Victoria.  So if you’d like to know a bit more about Australia and where Lake Wagyu comes from, the book, called “Nobody’s Home”, is available on

Item ID: Alibris.0000001
ISBN: 0975054856
ISBN-13: 9780975054857

And the other picture above was taken a few years back when former Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Fraser, who also had a big cattle property in the Western District, finally retired and had a huge clearing sale.  We spotted this at the auction, a model of the lunar landing craft supposedly presented to Mr Fraser when he visited Cape Kennedy at some stage during his tenure as Prime Minister.  We were the successful bidders (at about three times it’s value in a model shop) and next thing Ken was being photographed by the Melbourne papers and we made the front page!  Just thought you’d like to see it; not an everyday occurrence.  But as we keep saying, it’s amazing the places Wagyu takes you.

Back to Wagyu things!

Don’t forget our agents, who have Lake Wagyu stock on hand and can assist with any questions you have about Wagyu in general and Australian and Lake Wagyu genetics in particular.  They can also help with technical assistance with embryo transfer, AI etc etc.  We only work with the best!

South Africa
Dr Robert Treadwell,
Johannesburg, South Africa

North America
Deb and Daryl de Grofft,
Colorado Genetics, Colorado USA

South America
Daniel Pagliano & Carlos Rusinol,
Uruguay, South America


June News

Export Embryos Ready To Go

Eligible EU
40 embryos sired by TF Fukutsuru. TF004

Eligible  South Africa
107 embryos. Sire TF004
(*TF004 is a son of the famous Fukutsuru 068)

These embryos will produce outstanding foundation females in a full blood black wagyu herd and the bulls will be well balanced, large framed animals able to pass on  excellent marbling to their offspring.

Eligible Columbia and Uruguay
40 embryos.
Sire is Lake Wagyu C87. He is a son of Michifuku out of a daughter of Itozurudoi. He has excellent growth and the capacity to pass on high levels of marbling to his offspring. We have used this cross extensively  and the resultant calves are excellent, well balanced animals.

Eligible USA and Canada
23 embryos sired by Itoshigenami and Itoshigefuji

Some of the embryos can be made eligible for export to other countries if required.
Also, there are batches of Lake Wagyu embryos already at Colorado Genetics, USA and at Bovine Elite South Africa ready for immediate sale.
Contact us for details or direct your enquiries to Colorado genetics Inc or Bovine Elite.

Send Enquiry to Lake Wagyu