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January News

What a year 2009 was! It’s been a long time since we put pen to paper. Life in LakeWagyuland has been extremely busy and it’s hard to know where to begin.
We have been doing a lot of work on expanding our donor herd this year, welcoming new ladies to the group and establishing exciting new projects around the world. We have exported embryos now to every inhabited continent and can truly say we are “World Wide Wagyu”. As well as Europe (Holland, France, Austria, Germany, Italy), South Africa, South America (Columbia, Uruguay), North America (Canada and USA) and Asia (China), we have also exported to the Philippines and Indonesia – not to mention Australia! The only continent we have not received orders from is Antarctica! And I daresay some of our Wagyu steaks will eventually find their way even there. So it’s been a busy twelve months and we apologise for the lack of news on the website.

Donor Herd
We have retired some of our older donor ladies and brought in fresh new girls to expand the herd across three different collection centres. We can now offer embryos quarantined and accredited for all the main quarantine zones, including China, Europe, USA, South Africa and Canada, as well as South America – and a few places that didn’t have even have protocols until we came along. (THAT’s why we’ve been busy!). We’ve got to give special mention here to Debbie from Total Livestock Genetics, who is a tireless, unflappable genius who can overcome with tact and expertise the most Gordian of red tape knots. Thanks to her, our genetics always get through!

Our partnership with Eduardo Dulce is well underway and our embryos will be sailing towards his estate in Columbia by the time this goes to press. We plan to raise a breeding herd in Columbia for sale of embryos throughout that area – how’s that for saving shipping costs!

A project that has been bubbling away for years now is also about to take off in Uruguay. This South American country aims to take its place with Argentina and Brazil as a major cattle producing country and has recognised the potentiality of Wagyu as the future of the beef industry. We are proud that live animals and genetics from Lake Wagyu will play a small part in assisting this nation to create a new industry for itself.

We are very excited about another new project exporting live animals to China. This is in early stages right now, but stay tuned as anything could happen when China discovers the joys of Wagyu steak!

New Agency – South Africa
Together with our agencies in South and North America, we are excited to announce that from South Africa have Lake Wagyu embryos and semen available for sale in that country.

October 2009: Reno, Nevada – American Wagyu Breeders Association Conference
Once again we travelled to the US to attend the American Wagyu Breeders Association Conference, this time in Reno, Nevada. Once again, we were blown away by the hospitality and friendliness of these great people. Great to see the cowboys in their home territory! The conference was fantastic and we were proud to see Michael Beattie from the Australian Wagyu Association as a keynote speaker. Michael really told ‘em all about it and was very well received. We renewed old acquaintances and made some fascinating new friends.

The conference was held at a big resort in Reno and, being right on Halloween, there were some amazing sights to behold at the venue – especially as our big dinner was held next door to the huge “Chocolate Vampire Fantasy” Ball. Our dinner speaker, a cowboy poet (what we in Australia would call a bush poet) was a lot of fun, but after his act was over, I couldn’t resist sneaking out to watch the vampires arrive at the ball next door!

On the second night we went to a different venue for a slap up meal with some of the other delegates and learned some of the history of Reno, and Nevada cowboys in particular. On the way back we had the surreal experience of watching costumed Halloweeners doing circle work in the back of a (truly) monster truck in the car park for $10 each. Only in America would you see the Bride of Frankenstein, Robin Hood, several Goth Vampires and a dead president hurtling round a car park at midnight in the tray of an enormous jacked-up, hotted up, souped up, tarted up ute-on-steroids, all in an eerie silence (except for the sheet-ripping sound of the truck). Our cowboys just shook their heads in despair.

A highlight for Ken was the fantastic statue in the foyer of the hotel – Brilliant portrayal of the Pony Express. This is only part of it, I needed a video to get it all in!

If you’d like to hear about the rest of our trip “Stateside”, visiting Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon and the Queen Mary.

Thanks guys, for a fantastic trip. See you in Kentucky later in the year.

Texas WAGYU Association & Sale
Ken’s off to Fort Worth, Texas in March to attend the Texas Wagyu Association AGM and sale. We have a few embryos and semen up for grabs there, so it will be interesting to see how it all goes. This vibrant group of Texan Wagyu breeders have joined forces to work together in sharing information and knowledge and to promote the breed throughout Texas. They’re off to a flying start and this, their first big meeting and sale, should set the benchmark for future groups.

More next month when Ken gets back from Texas.

March News

Texas Sale, March 2010
Ken ventured (alone and unaccompanied) to the wilds of Texas, USA last week and had a wonderful time. He attended the Inaugural Cattle sale of the Texas Wagyu Association at Fort Worth, Texas and had a week exploring the Old West.

The sale was a solid success and the guys were very pleased. Congratulations and kudos to this new association that aims to promote the glories of Wagyu throughout the Lone Star State – and beyond.

Ken was blown away by the Texas Longhorn cattle that are “driven” (more like amble) down the main street of Fort Worth twice daily to the delight of tourists.