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July News

Since our first export to Ireland in May 2008 we have been very busy with our export markets. We have sent embryos and semen to Canada, Germany, Indonesia, South Africa, Spain, The Netherlands, and the United States of America and we have sent live bulls to the Philippines. It’s been a pretty busy year! We have added new donors to our herd, who have brought lots of exciting new genetics to the mix. And we have accredited some of our promising young bulls for the Eu and other export countries, just to add a bit more verve to the limited genetics available for those markets. And we are expanding our “WorldWide Wagyu” export arm to set up new agencies to facilitate our sales availability.

To streamline the availability of our stock in the Americas, we are thrilled to announce that Colorado Genetics are now acting as our agent in North America and arrangements are being finalized with Embriosires in Columbia to act as our agent there. We are always happy to combine small orders from multiple buyers to save shipping costs, but this necessarily creates delay and expense in catering for the different genetic requirements of individual buyers. From now on, our agents will able to provide limited supplies immediately or, for larger orders or different genetics, they can arrange import from us as soon as possible.

Our first batch of embryos has just been shipped to Colorado for on-sale and the first consignment of semen and embryos will be shipped to Embriosires later in the year. This will mean that there will be a ready supply of stock available immediately, without delays waiting for other orders to share the cost of shipment. Your order will already be in the country.

We are very excited that Darrel and Deb from Colorado Genetics have agreed to be our agents. Darrel is a very esteemed and knowledgeable veterinarian whose work in the field of animal genetics is famous around the world. Deb’s work is equally regarded and we are thrilled at our association.

Colorado Genetics, Inc. (CGI) based in Loveland, Colorado, is co-owned by Dr. Darrel L. DeGrofft and Debra L. Rest. CGI specializes in embryo transfer and reproductive technologies utilized in the purebred and commercial cattle industries for domestic and international markets.

See our contacts page for details. See also our Sales page for the specific genetics stored with our agents.

New EU Accredited Sires!
For a long time it has not been possible to provide enough variety of genetics for the Eu market in particular. Nearly every bull accredited for that market has either been sired by 068 or a son of 068. He’s a great bull, but it makes it difficult to provide embryos with a range of genetics for future breeding within an individual herd.

We are very pleased to announce that Lake Wagyu C87 has been placed at Total Livestock Genetics in Victoria for semen collection. His semen, expected to be available in September, will be accredited for the European Union and most other countries (including China). C87 is sired by the famous Michifuku, the long time number one bull for marbling and the bull who is renowned for his consistency. On his dam’s side he is from a daughter of Itozurodoi TF151 from Takeda Farms. TF151 produces large, well balanced calves with good marbling. C87 will be an ideal bull to use over other breeds for a significant lift in marble score and for full blood Wagyu production where a lift in marbling is needed.

He will be a very valuable addition to the genetics available for export to the EU.

Lake Wagyu B32 will also be sent to Total Livestock Genetics for semen production. He too will be accredited for the EU and most other countries. His sire is Overflow Kaneama, who sired steers that won the prestigious Brisbane Expo “Paddock to Plate” Competition against all breeds three years in a row and coming equal first in the fourth year. He has demonstrated the ability to consistently produce award winning carcases. B32’s dam was sired by Kikuterushige.

See our Sires page for further details.

Off To Reno
We’re looking forward to the next American Wagyu Association conference to be held this year in Reno. Last year’s conference in Hawaii was great, but it is expected that this year’s conference will have a much higher attendance, being on the mainland and not too far from where most of the US Wagyu breeders live. Might finally get to see the Grand Canyon! And Vegas… and the real Old West! Gotta learn to say Row-dee-oh, not Row-day-oh. Or is it the other way around?