UPDATE: We’re Ba-a-ack!

As we announced previously, the confluence of current world events and our own advancing ages gave us a little push and we took a tentative look at retirement. We placed our business into virtual hibernation and (biting our lips as we did it), dispersed our herd. Our brilliant bulls have gone to the pastures in Heaven, but we still have some of their semen stored.
However, since our “retirement”, we have had nothing but fantastic news from our former clients about how well our horned genetics are performing around the world. Did you see the South African news where our “growth bull”, Moyhu 054, crossed with an Angus and achieved a 13 score on the Japanese scale!? And C87 just keeps popping up in the background of champions across the world. We do have limited amounts of semen and embryos from these elite fullblood bulls, including Lake Wagyu C87 and Chokyori 1713, who both boast some of the best and most popular genetics around.
So, we didn’t quite retire. Our business was always ready to answer the call back to action in future months and, as Australia gets back to Covid-normal, we too have been lured back to Wagyu …
To start with, we have made our precious embryos and semen available now, but once these stocks are gone, there won’t be anymore available. Ever.
And then – well, watch this space!

Here we go again – Lake Wagyu Cattle Company 2.0!

Semen Prices: AU

Export-ready Semen1-50 straws
Hirashigo Tayasu 001P.O.A.
Great Expectation (Angus)P.O.A.
Longford E 241P.O.A.
Marblemax Hiranami B901P.O.A.
Macquarie Prelude M0495P.O.A.
Bimbi MichiyamaP.O.A.
Bimbi ItoshigefujiP.O.A.
Marblemax Sekinami J0828P.O.A.
Trent Bridge L156P.O.A.
Trent Bridge L189P.O.A.
Goshu Itomi X0132P.O.A.
Lake Wagyu C86P.O.A.
Lake Wagyu C87$150.00
Lake Wagyu C87 Straw Print$150.00
Lake Wagyu C87 Sexed F$350.00
Lake Wagyu C87. Sexed M$250.00
Chokyori 1713$100.00
Moyhu F054$100.00


EU130522F14DUNGEYLake Wagyu F14 x Lake Wagyu C87I .00
EU130703F15DUNGEYLake Wagyu F15 x Lake Wagyu C871.00
EU170303L8DUNGEYLake Wagyu L8 x Longford F E02411.00
EU170714L5DUNGEYLake Wagyu L5 x Lake Wagyu C087 XY5.00
EU170714L8DUNGEYLake Wagyu L8 x Lake Wagyu C0872.00
EU170714M30DUNGEYLake Wagyu M30 x Longford F E02412.00
EU170714M31DUNGEYLake Wagyu M31 x Longford F E02411 .00
EU170714M32DUNGEYLake Wagyu M31 x Lake Wagyu C0871.00
EU180228L11DUNGEYLake Wagyu L 11 x Lake Wagyu C0872.00
EU180228L4DUNGEYLake Wagyu L4 x Lake Wagyu C0871.00
EU180228L5DUNGEYLake Wagyu L5 x Lake Wagyu C0877.00
EU180228L8DUNGEYLake Wagyu L8 x Lake Wagyu C0875.00
EU180228M32DUNGEYLake Wagyu M32 x Lake Wagyu C0871.00
EU180228M33DUNGEYLake Wagyu M33 x Lake Wagyu C0873.00
EU180816B084DUNGEYLake Wagyu B084 x Chokyori 17133.00
EU180816B087DUNGEYLake wagyu B087 x Chokyori 17131 1.00
EU180816L5DUNGEYLake Wagyu L5 x Chokyori 17139.00
EU180816M32DUNGEYLake Wagyu M32 x Chokyori 17131.00
EU180816M33DUNGEYLake Wagyu M33 x Chokyori 17135.00
EU181025B084DUNGEYLake wagyu BOU x Chokyori 17132.00
EU181025B087DUNGEYLake wagyu 8087 x Chokyori 17133.00
EU181025F15DUNGEYLake Wagyu F 15 x Chokyori 17132.00
EU181025L5DUNGEYLake Wagyu L5 x Chokyori 17137.00
EU181025M33DUNGEYLake Wagyu M33 x Chokyori 17131.00
EU190227M33DUNGEYLake wagyu M33 x Chokyori 17133.00
EU190522L11DUNGEYLake Wagyu L 11 x Lake Wagyu C087 - XY - FI .00
EU190522L5DUNGEYLake wagyu 15 x Lakeuagyu C087 - xy - F1 .00
EU190522M14DUNGEYLake Wagyu M14 x Lake Wagyu C087 -XY - F3.00
EU190522M33DUNGEYLake wagyu M33 x Lake wagyu C087 -XY - F2.00
EU190522P007DUNGEYLake wagyu P0007 x Lake wagyu C087 - xy - F5.00
EU190703L5DUNGEYLake wagyu L5 x Chokyori 17133.00
EU190815L5DUNGEYLake Wagyu L5 x Itoshigefuji TF1475.00
EU190815M33DUNGEYLake Wagyu M33 x Chokyori 17131 .00
EU190815P0002DUNGEYLake Wagyu P0002 x Lake Wagyu C0876.00
EU190815P0005DUNGEYLake wagyu P0005 x Lake wagyu C0877.00
EU190923L5DUNGEYLake Wagyu L5 x Lake Wagyu C0872.00
EU190923P0002DUNGEYLake Wagyu P0002 x Chokyori 17134.00
EU190923P0005DUNGEYLake wagyu P0005 x Chokyori 17136.00
EX180525M32DUNGEYLake Wagyu M32 x Chokyori 17131.00

Prices: 1-15 $925 per embryo
16-30 $850 per embryo
30 – 100 $750 per embryo
Entire List: $600 Per embryo

  • Who Are We?

    Lake Wagyu has been involved in the Wagyu industry since 1997 when, even in those early days, we could see the enormous potential for the breed to achieve great advances in the Australian cattle industry as a whole. Indeed, there is every reason to believe that Wagyu genetics will improve the entire world beef herd. Read more about Lake Wagyu

  • Our Credo

    We stand by our original belief that Wagyu seed stock genetics, infused into Australian cattle, will gradually improve the national herd by at least one or two marble scores over time. And given more time, it will inevitably follow that the world herd will just HAVE to improve too!
    Our motto, “If it was easy, everyone would do it!” has been proven correct over and over. Read more about Our Credo

News 2017



We took the opportunity recently to visit our fantastic South African agency at Embryo Plus. Our first visit to South Africa, so there was a lot to take in and think about this amazing country. I thought it might be similar to Australia – I thought, heat and dry red country, has to be like us. And it is similar in many ways, but in many other ways it is soooo different. They still have their work cut out politically for a few years yet, but over time the world better watch out, because South Africa is on its way!

And that is also true of the Wagyu industry there, which is so like the Australian industry was say, fifteen years ago. However, hopefully they will not have to face some of those earth-shattering changes that our industry went through over the years. No doubt they will face their own unique challenges, but they have the will, the drive and the people to get them to the other side in good order.

We were blown away by Embryo Plus and the work done there. It was wonderful to finally put faces to the names and voices we have been dealing with for the past decade and to meet with some of the great pioneers who have been buying our seedstock. We visited farms throughout the Transvaal (doesn’t that sound so exotic!?) and even flew down to Capetown to visit (I have to say it) THE most beautiful farm I have ever seen. It was strange to be able to recognise the cattle and identify from which donor or sire the calves had come, so far from home.

The hospitality we were shown was incredible. We don’t have a culture of “guest houses” for visitors in this country – best we seem to be able to do is a bed and breakfast and you’re on your own for dinner! Not so in South Africa. There, nothing but the best … and the food, the hospitality, the amenities: just amazing. We cannot thank them enough.

Please have a look at some photographs that will speak better than I can.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Available Embryos and Semen, May 2017

Collected Oasis Collection Centre, May 2017

DonorSireEmbryosGrade 1Grade 2
Lake Wagyu E8Lake Wagyu C8733
Moyhu H79DSAFJ289588
Oasis J75Lake Wagyu C8777
Moyhu H107Lake Wagyu C8744
Moyhu H138Lake Wagyu C87541
Moyhu H37Lake Wagyu C87431
Lake Wagyu K13Lake Wagyu C8744
Lake Wagyu K8Moyhu F0542222
Lake Wagyu K9Moyhu F05422
Lake Wagyu K5Lake Wagyu C8766
Moyhu H130DSAFJ289555

Collected at Total Livestock Genetics

Collected February 2017

DonorSireEmbryosGrade 1Grade 2
Lake Wagyu L11Longford E24111
Lake Wagyu L5Lake Wagyu C87972
Lake Wagyu L8Longford E241211

Collected May 2017

DonorSireEmbryosGrade 1Grade 2
Lake Wagyu L5Lake Wagyu C877
Lake Wagyu L8Lake Wagyu C876
Lake Wagyu L11Lake Wagyu C871
Lake Wagyu M1Lake Wagyu C873


Grade 1 Embryos $700AUD
Grade 2 Embryos $500AUD
Lake Wagyu Female Sexed Embryos (Lake Wagyu C87 sire) $1400AUD

Lake Wagyu C87 $30AUD
Lake Wagyu C86 $30AUD
Moyhu F054 $30AUD
Lake Wagyu Female Sexed Semen $70AUD
Lake Wagyu Male Sexed Semen $70AUD