Moyhu F054

Sired by Yukiharunami 4 out of a daughter of TWA Shikikan, this bull offers very different genetics from our other bulls. Fineness in the marbling is a very desirable trait and Shikikan has demonstrated his ability to produce fine marbling in his progeny. A well-structured bull with a good temperament, Moyhu 054 is a growth bull. He will produce heifers with excellent maternal features. Of course, he has been tested free for the panel of recessive genes


Lake Wagyu C87 is sired by the famous Michifuku, the long time number one bull for marbling and a bull who is renowned for his consistency. On his dam’s side he is from a daughter of Itozurodoi TF151 from Takeda Farms. TF151 produces large, well balanced calves with good marbling. C87 will be the ideal bull to use over other breeds for a significant lift in marble score and for full blood Wagyu production where a lift in marbling is needed.


A well-balanced bull whose offspring have done very well in feedlots, being in the top 4 or 5 sires both in marbling and average daily gain.


A bull used widely by some of the established seedstock producers. His daughters produce well-balanced progeny and have an excellent flushing history. Kikuterushige heifers would be terrific donors in an embryo programme.


Sired by Fukutsuru J068 out of a daughter of Itomichi 1/2.


Sired by Kikuterushige out of a daughter of Terutani FT40 (J2494).


One of the best two bulls in Australia in terms of marbling ability. He is also very consistent. That is where he has it over some of the other high-marbling bulls. It has been very difficult and expensive to source Michifuku semen, hence his seedstock is quite rare. Our current heifers are the first Michifuku females we have been able to produce for a long time and are creating a lot of interest.


For three years in a row his progeny won the Paddock to Plate competition at the Brisbane Ecca and was equal first in the following year. His semen is extremely hard to source, but an absolutely outstanding bull and worth the effort.


is by Dai 20 Hirashige, the son of Kedaka. Hirashige-Tayasu has Tayasudoi, the distinguished Tajima line bull as his maternal grandsire. An official Kangen progeny test showed that at least 80% of his steers would gain A5 grade (ie the best). Has moderate marbling but superior growth, frame and muscling. Progeny are very attractive, with excellent body type. Westholme 001 is a great foundation bull. His daughters are also very popular and can be crossed with a high marbling bull such as Michifuku or 068 or Westholme 003 for amazing results.


This bull is a grandson of Dai 7 Itozakura, the most famous bull of the Shimane Prefecture, that dominates pedigrees in Japan. Has growth and frame as well as strong maternal traits. A good cross with Michifuku daughters. Outcross to Tajima pedigrees.


The breeding speaks for itself: 003 is a line-bred Kikuteru-Doi son of Terunaga-Doi, the pre-eminent sire in the historical Tajima line. Kikuteru-Doi was the most famous bull to be bred in the Hyogo Prefecture, the home of Kobe beef.


A younger bull, combining the genetics of the two best Westholme bulls – 003 (marbling and carcase quality) and 001 (frame, growth rate, scale etc). However, currently only a few of his progeny have been through the feedlots and he is not well known. Nevertheless, our Westholme 96 progeny demonstrate outstanding configuration and growth rate, and we are excited about his prospects.


In 2006, in partnership with Peter Falls from the famous Malton Shorthorns, we purchased an exceptional full blood Wagyu bull. Bred by Barbara Benjamin at Goshu Wagyu, he has outstanding credentials. On top of everything else, he has an excellent temperament – as do his progeny. See our “Semen Sales” page for further details.

<center>Goshu Itomi</center>
Goshu Itomi