Lake Wagyu is a division of Bullocks Bow Bend Pastoral Services, and our aim is to produce the best Wagyu cattle possible, using the best available genetics to get the most profitable results from this fabulous (in the real sense) breed.

Our philosophy is to put the best people together with the most modern methods and create a working relationship that benefits everybody. We are in partnership with many dedicated cattle breeders all over Victoria and NSW who are raising top class stud Wagyu bulls and heifers from our transferred embryos. We work with the best technicians and veterinarians to give our lovely recipient ladies every chance to do justice to their prize Wagyu calves.

Featuring genetics from : Michifuku, Fukukane, Itohana, Overflow Kaneyama, Itozuradoi, Terutani 40/1, Westholme 001, Westholme 003, Itoshigenami, Blackmore Yadnarie , Itoshigefuji and more!

  • Who Are We?

    Lake Wagyu has been involved in the Wagyu industry since 1997 when, even in those early days, we could see the enormous potential for the breed to achieve great advances in the Australian cattle industry as a whole. Indeed, there is every reason to believe that Wagyu genetics will improve the entire world beef herd. Read more about Lake Wagyu

  • Our Credo

    We stand by our original belief that Wagyu seed stock genetics, infused into Australian cattle, will gradually improve the national herd by at least one or two marble scores over time. And given more time, it will inevitably follow that the world herd will just HAVE to improve too!
    Our motto, “If it was easy, everyone would do it!” has been proven correct over and over. Read more about Our Credo